Janties, Poosh, a boat for your yacht toys

Vol. 3

Happy May 1, No readers. There’s a lot to go over; let’s dive right in.

Food No

Animal No

Texas homeowners discover 45 rattlesnakes under their house

Boulder-sized sunfish washes ashore in Australia

Animal Yes

Someone just spent $1.4 million to buy a pigeon named Armando

Man walks steer into Petco to test "all leashed pets are welcome" policy 

Man swipes 4-foot python from pet store by shoving it down his pants
(Editor’s note: This python was named Pasta.)

Questions for the room:

Can you improve upon ranch?

Why is stalking people on Venmo so addictive?

Can men have it all—close friendships and close ties to their kids?

Should every American citizen be a yoga teacher?

Is my husband’s phone fixation grounds for divorce?

Can fat Thor advance fat acceptance?

Mo’ money, ‘no’ problems

A $50 million boat for the toys you can't fit on your yacht 

So, you’re rich. Which is the best car to get driven around in?

Is my ski apartment worth it?


Bella and Gigi Hadid make books the hot new accessory of 2019 

Gucci is selling $870 sneakers that purposefully look filthy

Dunkin' is back with a new donut sneaker

Gwyneth Paltrow now selling leather lingerie for bondage lovers

Firm, soft, and perky: The world of butt wellness

Kourtney Kardashian is launching a brand called Poosh

Meet the kids (and parents) of children’s streetwear Instagram

Crocs with fanny packs exist now

How beige became 2019’s power color

You can now buy a bean-bag onesie so you can stay seated wherever you go

“Janties” and the other fashion trends you’ll see this festival season


At $50,000 a year, the road to Yale starts at age 5

Sports nutrition company unveils high-protein hot drink concept 

At long last, we have AOC’s full birth chart

‘Avocado toast’ is now a paint color

Man allegedly steals snack truck, eats nothing

Farting on colleagues is not bullying, court in Australia rules

Skrillex's music 'protects against mosquito bites'

Florida man threatens to release army of turtles upon arrest

Florida man arrested outside Olive Garden after eating pasta belligerently

Hallucinating Florida man used a bedpost to attack a mattress where he thought a man was hiding

Street cannabis 'contains large amount of feces'

College-decision reveals are a thing

This guy spent an entire week in a VR headset

Doctors find four bees in woman's eye, feeding on her tears

Your itchy dog may need a poop pill

Guacamole cheese is now a thing

I tried sexting with a robot and I feel some type of way 

20 minutes with celebrated water sommelier Jessica Altieri

Meghan closes a car door

She opened the door to a "deliveryman." Then he shot her with a crossbow

Foot fetish fans can now buy silicone feet with built-in vaginas 

Pitching the Bible to millennials: It's a ‘content-rich lifestyle brand’

A giant potato in Idaho has been turned into an Airbnb

Are podcasts killing music or just wasting our time?

Mark Zuckerberg started a podcast

Stay strong out there.


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